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2023, Mithal, TINY LITTLE VOICES, Chris Rogers (feature film)

2023, Contessa, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Bill Thomas (feature film)

2021, Lawyer, WIDE AWAKE, Nicholas Motte (short film)

2020, Ruby, RUBY RINGS, George Watson (short film)

2020, Lead, SIRENS, Martin Stocks (short film)

2018, Dionne, SUFFERING, Sinitta Monero (web-series)

2017, Bus Girl, THERE'S THIS GIRL, Will Nash (short film)


2023, Narrator, UNICORN ACADEMY TREASURE HUNT 4: SIENNA AND SPARKLE, Penguin Random House (audiobook)

2023, Narrator, UNICORN ACADEMY TREASURE HUNT 3: IVY AND FLAME, Penguin Random House (audiobook)

2023, Narrator, UNICORN ACADEMY TREASURE HUNT 2: EVIE AND SUNSHINE, Penguin Random House (audiobook)

2023, Narrator, UNICORN ACADEMY TREASURE HUNT 1: LYRA AND MISTY, Penguin Random House (audiobook)

2022, Verity, APHRODITE AND THE DUKE, Penguin Random House (audiobook)

2016, News Reporter, CLOWN ATTACKS, Martin Stocks


2023, Julius Caesar, PORTIA'S JULIUS CAESAR, The Dell, Kay Brattan
2023, Mary Shelley, MARY'S DAUGHTERS, Wonderville Theatre, Kaya Bucholc
2022, Fury, MARYLAND, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, Polina Kalinina
2020, Minnie, ENGAGED, Tower Theatre, Stephen Brasher
2019, Jess, LOVE AND MONEY, Network Theatre, John Irvine
2018, Nina, THE SEAGULL, Tower Theatre, Julia Collier
2018, Fury, ONE P*ISSED OFF RENTER, Battersea Arts Centre, Emma Dawson
2013, Demeter, SONG OF SEASONS, Tottenham Chances, Fletcher Brown
2013, Felicity Fairlie, KOLKATA NIGHTS, Kolkata, Alive Network
2012, Heather Paige, SCANDALOUS, Leicester Square Theatre, Ivy Paige
2011, Princess Catherine, HENRY V, Winchester Theatre Royal, Hannah Brewer
2011, Princess of France, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, Winchester Theatre Royal, Rachel Forster
2011, Titania, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Winchester Theatre Royal, Lorna Todd
2011, HOUSE OF MACABRE, The King's Head, Harper Ray
2010, Cecily, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, Pinewood Theatre, Alan Bowman
2009-2012, Emma Reld, CIRCA, touring, Harper Ray
2009-2012, Emma Reld, TEMPTATION, touring, Harper Ray
2009-2012, Emma Reld, THE GREAT EXHIBITION, touring, Harper Ray
2009, Hyppolyta, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, The Windsor Globe, Bart Lee


2021, Julie, MISS JULIE, Andrea Brooks
2021, Hermione, THE WINTER'S TALE, Stephen Hudson
2021, Jenny, BY THE LIGHT OF LA LUNA, Andrea Brooks
2021, Bolingbroke, RICHARD II, Robert Price
2020, Alice, DICK WHITTINGTON, Andrea Brooks
2020, Pozzo, WAITING FOR GODOT, Robert Price
2020, Lyubov Ranevskaya, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, Andrea Brooks

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